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Our core mission: a practical, collaborative approach to efficient business legal solutions. We specialize in corporate law, e-commerce, internet, tech, and business real estate issues.

Traditional corporate and commercial legal solutions will always be crucial to any successful business. We add 21st century expertise in internet, e-commerce, social media, and tech, guiding you through the new and established legal demands of the 21st century.

Our Values

SONA LEGAL APC, it’s not the typical law firm name (“some last name, another last name, and one more last name”). What is “SONA,” you might say? Adapted from old Irish, the word “SONA” loosely translates to “prosperous”. That’s what we are about here at SONA – helping you prosper.

We’re not a traditional law firm – but we do have traditional values: integrity, hard work, and experience. We are innovators but we never lose sight of the responsibilities of our profession.


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Data Privacy Primer: Why Your Business Could Need a WISP (short for a “Written Information Security Program”)

What is a WISP and why does your business need one? A WISP, or Written Information Security Program, is a document that outlines the specific safeguards and policies that an entity has in place to ensure the privacy of its customers with whatever personal information it stores or interacts with. Sometimes, it is required by


Designing and Launching Your Website – Here is What Needs to Be in Your Contract.

One of the most important parts of any business in 2019 is your website. Even if you do not directly sell products or services through your website, your clients or customers will likely take a look at it before deciding whether or not they want to go with your company. Whether it is a state


What are the Common Business Entities and How Do They Work? (Part 2 – Corporations)

Last month we introduced some common types of business entities that you can use for your business. We talked about different types of partnerships and limited liability companies. This week’s blog post will focus on corporations, discussing the different kinds of corporations and their characteristics. Different Types of Corporations: S Corporations C Corporations Professional Corporations

Corporate Law

SONA LEGAL APC offers a full range of quality legal corporate services at a fraction of the cost of traditional Biglaw firms, including assistance with choice of business entity, business entity formation, investor due diligence, shareholder and director representation, securities issuance, SEC compliance, regulatory filings and compliance, business licensing, mergers, dissolutions, and sale and succession.

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Commercial Transactions

Every company needs commercial contracts to protect their operations. The experienced attorneys at SONA LEGAL APC draft and negotiate all types of commercial contracts. Some common examples include purchase agreements, licensing agreements, vendor agreements, loans and promissory notes, joint ventures, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, contractor agreements, trade secrets, trademarks, and services agreements.

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Internet & E-Commerce

SONA LEGAL APC is a practice built in and around the digital era. As a technology driven business, we have adapted many of the same digital systems as our clients and we understand the nuances of this constantly evolving field. Over the past few decades, the internet and e-commerce have grown exponentially, and with this growth has come an entirely new set of legal demands for clients as they adapt to life in the digital realm. Our A to Z approach covers all of your legal E-commerce and internet needs. For example, we can help you with your web development agreements, your website terms and privacy policies, software development deals, advertising, online shopping and subscriber agreements, data privacy compliance, and much more. Of course, if you need to trademark your online brand, copyright your content, or license your proprietary software for your e-commerce platform, we have you covered there too.

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Licensing & Trade Secrets

Technology has always been both a disruptor and a driver of growth, and with the advent of digital technology the 21st century has been no different. Mobile applications, digital health technologies, blockchain – they all have two things in common: zeros and ones and the ability to change the world. One of the best ways to monetize technology is by licensing it out and that’s where we come in. We help you license your tech out for a fee out your tech and protect it as a trade secret. And, where appropriate, we are proud to associate with and refer to some of the best independent patent attorneys in the business (they actually have to take a separate “patent exam!”). From cell phone games to life-saving digital medical monitors, we have the required experience to protect and monetize your tech.

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Social Media & Digital Talent

We live in the age of social media. There are billions of social media users in the world, and consequently business are driving billions of dollars in profit to their firms through social media. While social media brings great opportunities, it also brings unique legal challenges. We protect you in the ever-evolving social media legal landscape by ensuring compliance with Facebook or Instagram terms of services and privacy laws, and drafting appropriate agreements with your influencers, digital talent, and content managers. If you yourself are an influencer we can license your name and image rights. We also make sure that your posts do not run afoul of disclosure laws and protect you from those that do. And if someone misappropriates your trademark or copyright on social media, we help you take it down before it harms your business.

Licensing & Trade Secrets

Data Privacy Compliance

Data privacy is here to stay. Historically, companies have been subject to a patchwork system of industry-based data-privacy laws, but this all changed with the advent of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) The first of its kind, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides data subjects an array of substantive rights, regulates conduct, and has already doled out penalties to U.S. companies with European ties. The CCPA kicks into gear into 2020 with a similar but distinguishable approach. Other regimes working their way through Congress include the Consumer Data Protection Act, the Data Security and Breach Notification Act, the MY DATA Act, the CONSENT Act, and the BROWSER Act. While some of these bills will invariably fail, they herald things to come – and we can ensure that you are prepared.

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Real Estate Law

Negotiating a new deal with your warehouse and logistics facilities? Did you decide to purchase the real estate on which you built your business? Are you negotiating promissory note secured by real estate? Are you selling your commercial property? SONA LEGAL can help!

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