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Data Privacy Primer: Why Your Business Could Need a WISP (short for a “Written Information Security Program”)

What is a WISP and why does your business need one? A WISP, or Written Information Security Program, is a document that outlines the specific safeguards and policies that an entity has in place to ensure the privacy of its customers with whatever personal information it stores or interacts with. Sometimes, it is required by

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Designing and Launching Your Website – Here is What Needs to Be in Your Contract.

One of the most important parts of any business in 2019 is your website. Even if you do not directly sell products or services through your website, your clients or customers will likely take a look at it before deciding whether or not they want to go with your company. Whether it is a state

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The Importance of Online Terms of Use – Clickwrap and Browsewrap

Terms of Use on Websites Website operators function in a risky legal environment for liability. All web operators, especially for commercial websites, have a constant influx of users either purchasing products or merely visiting their webpages. All these web operators have duties to the rights of their users. Those duties can include adhering to online

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