David C. McCuaig, Esq. - Founder, President, and Managing Attorney

Hi there – I’m Dave McCuaig – Founder, President and Managing Attorney for SONA LEGAL APC. Together with the help of my team of expert attorneys, paralegals, and staff, I provide efficient legal resolutions in the fields of internet & e-commerce, social media and digital talent, data privacy, technology, corporate law, and commercial transactions.

To give you some background, I am an American/Australian/Dutch/Irish Green Card lottery winner who has been living the American Dream since ’96. I studied history at UCSD (my other passion besides law) and attended law school in Washington D.C. before returning to sunny Southern California. After fine-tuning my craft with a law firm in Los Angeles, I built a successful law firm from scratch, and I had tech in large part to thank for it (of course, it also involved lots of good-old-fashioned bootstrapping, and like to think I know the law pretty well).

The point of this story is that my experiences make me uniquely qualified to advise you because not only do I know the law but I myself leveraged tech and the internet to build something from nothing. It’s why I love advising clients on both the old and the new business laws. I am an entrepreneur too. I know what you went through to succeed. And if you are just getting started with your business, don’t worry – one of the best things we get to do here at SONA is watch our clients go from seed to sapling to badass-industry-busting tree! Even better, I may be able to help you avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered along the way.

When I am not at the office, I am active in the community (I’ve been fortunate enough to receive the Wiley W. Manuel Award for Pro Bono Legal Services). You might also catch me hiking in Anza-Borrego or the Sierra Nevada, surfing Scripps, listening to the Sunday organ show at Balboa Park, or at the local coffee shop buried in a history book. And once in a while I’m able to sneak out for a visit to my family in Ireland and Amsterdam (I can show you all the Game of Thrones shoot locations). I’ve managed to get my name on a few publications (check out CEB’s Selecting and Forming Business Entities) and someone also saw fit to bestow upon me the San Diego Business Journal’s “Best of the Bar” Award – but I’ll let you be the judge of that 🙂

Throughout my career, I have represented all kinds of clients – professional sports franchises, multi-billion dollar tech companies, globe-trotting social media gurus – but also local yoga studios and dog charities. I take pride in treating every client like family. Ethics, quality, results, and a bit of fun along the way. These are our values here at SONA and this is how we have helped our clients – if that sounds like a good fit, we’d love to help you too!

– Dave