Internet Law

As the Internet has become part of our everyday lives, the number of legal issues surrounding its widespread use and existence have increased exponentially. Terms such as “E-commerce,” “electronic signatures,” “downloading,” “social media,” and “cloud computing” have become part of our everyday language, and each of these words carries within them a potential legal relationship that must be defined in the kinds of agreements that did not even exist until recently. Internet agreements and business operations must be considered in the context of a rapidly evolving business, technological, and regulatory environment.

Sona Legal APC offers our clients practical solutions and strategic advice for a wide range of Internet issues including:

  • Assembling and Protecting Online Content
  • Web Site Development
  • Financial Considerations
  • IT Solutions, Services, and Support
  • Cloud Computing
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Social Networking
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Mail
  • Domain Name and Trademark Issues
  • Privacy on the Internet
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